Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Swaps

Hey everyone. Today is swap Tuesday and I have a couple swaps to share. The two things I have to share are for one swap, one for me and one from me. I'll start with the thing I made.

The swap that I'm sharing is for a swap from AFTCM. For this swap we are to make a Charlotte's Web Gothic Arch. Both me and my partner made ours double sided so I have photos for each arch.

This is the front of mine. I have these really neat chipboard doors that I've wanted to use and I thought one would be perfect for this. I made the front of the gothic arch look like a barn and behind the door you can see a pig (Wilbur) looking up at a spiderweb (Charlotte).
On the back of the arch, I wrote "Charlotte's Web" and then stamped webs all around it to make it look like Charlotte put it in her web. The only white ink I have is an ink daubber in Picket Fence and it didn't ink very well so I then had to cover it in white pen. I also added Charlotte to the arch by hanging her off the "b". 
I also received my arches this week so I have those to share too. Here ya go.

My partner for this swap made not one but three arches that she connected with two rings. They are so beautiful. I love that she included the rat. Rats and mice are my favorite characters in books and movies. Like Reepicheep and Roquefort.
Here is the other side. It's got some yellow on it. That's my favorite color!
That's it for today's swap share. I love the arches I received. I'm glad I signed up for this swap despite my severe arachnophobia. I'll be back tomorrow with Clay Wednesday where I will attemp to finish a contest that is ending sooner than I thought. TTFN Ta ta for now.


  1. What a neat craft! I mostly stick to the basic rectangle atc but a gothic arch is a cool concept!
    ~davisbabe from Swap-Bot

  2. This reminds me of when I did a book report on Charlotte's Web in elementary school. Love the one you made and glad you got 3 wonderful arches to show off!