Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Piggy Girl

Hey everyone. It's another Clay Wednesday. I have a few clay creations to share. I'll start with with another Disney Donut that I made.

This time I made Minnie Mouse. Sorry for the blurry photo. Still have no camera so I have to use my IPod still. She is similar to my Mickey Mouse but with white polka dots and a flower. The donut part is textured to make it look more like a donut.

This charm is Piggy Girl. I've never made a charm of her so it was fun to try it. Her arms came out a little longer than I would like but she is pretty cute. I made her for a YouTube contest. She is the first charms for the contest. She has a little flower on her ear and a crown. You can't see it in the picture but she has some painted on gems on her crown. I would have used micro marbles but the crown is too thin and small that I didn't think it would look right.
Lastly, I have another sneak peek for the 13 days of Halloween swap I've been working on. I'll just share the clay part of it since it is Clay Wednesday but there is more to it.

That's it for clay pieces for today. I'll be back tomorrow with Scrapbook Thursday. I don't have photos for the Ghost Hunters printed yet so I'll make something else tomorrow.

To finish for the day, today we got the big announcement of what Baby Cambridge's name is. It's Prince George Alexander Louis. I had the George correct! Too bad I didn't bet anything or I could be rich.

Well that's it for today. Until tomorrow, TTFN Ta ta for now.


  1. That Mickey mouse is so cute!

    -Zefaniya (Follow me #14)

  2. Minnie Mouse is adorable and I absolutely love the little pig! Great job!

  3. I really like the piggy charm! I didn't even know there were Youtube contests where you can make things and show them off like that! Good luck!

    greenafy on SB

  4. These are cute!