Monday, July 29, 2013

Card and More!

Hey everyone. I'm back with another OWH Monday. I didn't post anything on Friday because I wasn't feeling well so I'll add some extras to today's post. I'll start with the card. I used the new Sketch #183 for this weeks card. It's a pretty simple sketch that was fun to work with. Here's what I made.

For this card, I made it red, white, and blue but tried not to make it too patriotic. I used buttons for the circles on the right side of the card and added twine through the holes.
Recently I made a list of things to make that I have been meaning to make but either forgot about them or could never find the time. So, I made a list of everything and started working on them this weekend. The first thing I made was a clay dryer.

For the outside of the dryer, I painted a blue sky, green grass, assorted colors of flowers, and on the top are white clouds. The left picture is the back of the dryer and the right picture is one of the sides.

The inside of the dryer is black and I used two wooden skewers that are taped together with duct tape It's a little saggy in the center but the charms don't seem to slide down (yet). I also added some colorful paperclips for holding the charms when they are drying. I can't wait to use this. It's such a pain to not have a place to hang all my charms when the glaze is drying.

I used a tutorial for this clay dryer that I found on YouTube. I'll share that with you too. Mine's quite a bit different but this is pretty much where I got the idea for the dryer.

The next project is a very special one to me. Almost two years ago, my cat Violet passed away. My nephews and I had made a cross for her using sticks and twine. Not a very durable cross. About a month ago, we had a really bad wind storm that knocked some branches off the tree that Violet is buried under and the branches broke Violet's cross. My mom and I got her a new wooden cross from Michael's that I wanted to paint. I finally painted it. Here is Violet's new cross!
I painted the cross a very light purple (for some reason it looks light blue in the photo) and added her name and years in a darker purple (purple since her name is Violet). I also covered the cross in Modge Podge to make it shiny and to hopefully keep it waterproof. I'm hoping this will be Violet's final burial marker since it's so pretty just like her.
I hope you liked all the projects I've shared with you today. I'll be back tomorrow with some swaps. Until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.


  1. The projects you did are great. I think your marker for Violet is beautiful and that across the rainbow bridge she is enjoying it. Has inspired me to make a memorial marker of some kind for my lost furbabies.

    ~Pashanista Swapbot

  2. Your cross for Violet is pretty. I don't think any of my pets have markers, I'll be honest, I can't tell you exactly where they're all buried, just a general direction.

    Your charm dryer is cute, it took me a minute to understand what you meant, and not that it would be like a miniature dryer like for clothes.

    1. That's actually what I thought it was when I first saw the video on YouTube. I was very confused when she started cutting up a shoebox.

  3. Sorry about Violet!! :(

    Great blog!! Hope you have a great summer and blessings to you!!:)
    -Liberty (libertylithium on swap-bot)
    (Follow Me #14)

  4. Oh Sammantha I am so sorry to hear about Violet, making the cross just beautiful! Your card is beautiful and the drying rack woooohooo! Super idea! Thanks for sharing. Have a beautiful day! Hugs, Dawn Gallop stampmom9 (Swap-bot)

  5. Sorry to hear about Violet. My childhood dog just passed away this month. I'll be heading home at the end of August and I think I should make a marker for her, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

    ~ Patti McHugh (PVMcHugh on Swap-bot)

  6. I love your blog because of the awesome crafts you make. Keep them coming! Meanwhile, Violet must be really grateful for a very loving owner like you who never forgets. ♥

    - Mamieberry (Swap-bot, Follow Me #14)