Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Disney Craftster

Hey everyone. It's Swap Tuesday again and I have a few swaps to share. As always, I'll start with the ATCs.

I haven't made any ATCs this week since I made them all last week but I did receive a few. The ATC is the companion to the Sandy Hook ATC I received last week. I'm very curious how she got the staples in perfect xs. On the bottom is the Jack Skellington ATC I received and the one next to it is the Red, White, and Blue ATC. I love all of them. They will make great additions to my ATC collection. BTW, if anyone would like to see my collection let me know and I will make a special post for it. Maybe even a video. 
Next is the X art journal page I made.

Here is the X page. My partner used Xian as her X word. It is very neat. I'd love to see those soldiers. BTW, I  completely forgot to take a picture of the X page I made. It was a Xylophone. I created a Xylophone out of different colors of cardstock and also made the sticks and placed them on the page in the shape of the X. If my partner happens to post a picture I'll add the picture here. Sorry.
Lastly is the Disney Craftster swap that I received.

Here is everything I received.
Here is a closer look at the hoodie. It's Pluto. I said that my favorite Disney character is Pluto. Now I have a Pluto hoodie that I will probably wear all the time.

Next are these blocks that are painted black and then have quotes on them. The block on left have quotes from Nightmare Before Christmas on it and the one on the right have quotes from The Aristocats. 

Lastly are these paintings. They are Mulan and Shang. I had these on my Pinterest board and I'm so happy she made them for me using these characters. I does appear that Mulan rubbed up against the blocks on the way here and got some paint on the side but I have fixed that and will put these on my bedroom wall.
That's everything I've received this week. I haven't made anything for swaps except for a couple of things that I forgot to take photos of. The X page is one and the other were some 4th of July inchies I made. Sorry I don't have any pics of them. Tomorrow will be Clay Wednesday again. I'm also hoping to go see Monsters University tomorrow too so I may have a review for you too. Until then TTFN Ta ta for now.

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