Thursday, January 27, 2011


Had photography class again yesterday.  I brought home my rayographs and we made some paper negatives.
Mine are of Jasmine Rose. I'll get those on Monday. In photography class we also have to make an altered book journal. I found a book and painted it.

Inside the book we are to place journal entries and our assignments. The first journal entry is "10 things I know to be true but have no proof. Here are my pages:

If you can't see what I put, I will list them for you.
1: People will always read.
2. My pets love me.
3. There is a God.
4. There are unknown monsters in the world.
5. Cigarettes Cause Cancer.
6. Aliens exist.
7. I will never have a niece.
8. My tree will continue to grow.
9. Kisses can heal.
10. I will see Gary Allan again.

On Monday, I will be working on more Rayographs for my first assignment. Tomorrow is Psych, Student Success, and Math. There is a test tomorrow in Math. :s TTFN Ta Ta For Now.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Class

I have now been going to school for 1 week. Yeah! My favorite is my photography class, of course. I didn't have a 35mm film camera so I had to buy one. I got my Holga 135 today along with the photo paper and 10 rolls of black and white film. I purchased all of it from Freestyle Photographic Suppiles. I think I am in love with this site. Also, during last nights photography class, we worked in the darkroom making photograms. It was so fun! I have never worked in a darkroom before. For my photograms, I used a cd, a packing peanut, clothespin, and a rubber glove. If I get to bring them home tomorrow, I will post them. They are really neat. I hope we get to taking pictures soon, however doing anything in the darkroom is great. It's like magic when the photo appears. Today was English and we discussed the difference between men and women in sport's salaries. It was for critical thinking. Tomorrow is back to Psych, Student Success, and Math with Photography at night. TTFN, Ta Ta for Now.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring 2011 semester

The semester has started and I have now attended all of my classes at least once. One Tuesday, was English and we did not do much but meet the instructor and go over the syllabus. On Wednesday, I started the day with Psychology. It was about the same. Meet instructor, get a syllabus. Next was my Student Success Seminar. Here I got my first assignment! I have to bring in something that defines me. lol. Mom says I should bring in her cow book that has everything or Surgy bear who is bad luck because he always causes surgery. After Student Success was Math. Eww! I got some assignments here too. Read a chapter from my Math book and sign up for a program online. Both are done and ready for tomorrow. Last night was Photography. Yeah! Thanks to this class, I have a new Holga 135 camera on its way to me. :) Today was English again and we read a little from the English book. Tomorrow is the busy day again with Psych, Student Success, and Math. Photography is only Mon. and Wed. This weekend I will get to go shopping for school supples and stuff for Imbolc. TTFN Ta ta for now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Classes Coming

Ahh! Classes are starting tomorrow! I am kinda wigging out. I am so nervous. I  have my books so I have been looking them over a bit. I got my school ID. On Tuesday I have one class: English Composition. I'm also taking Psychology, General Math, and Black and White Photography. I am required to take to take a Student Success Seminar for 5 weeks. I'm really excited about the photography class. I love taking photos! Next time I post will be after I take some classes. TTFN Ta Ta for Now!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advisement and Registration!

Today I had advisement and registration for JCC. Now I have my class schedule and will start class on Tuesday.  I'm excited but also a little nervous. I haven't been to school is 7 years. Hopefully in 4 years I will have my bachelors and off to get my masters degree in biology. TTFN Ta Ta for Now.