Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Hey everyone! It's 4th of July, the day to wish this beautiful country we live in a happy birthday! It is also Scrapbook Thursday so I have the last concert page to share. It is Gary Allan concert #4.

Here it is. I only made a one page spread for this one since he did not have any opening act and I  put the opening acts on the second page for the other concerts. I have two pictures from the concert on the page. The top picture shows Gary with Jamie who wears a kilt to every show. The bottom picture shows most of the rest of the band. I matted both pictures with orange cardstock. I also put my usually journaling block and the ticket. I used washi tape to border the ticket.
That's it for the concerts I have been to so far so next week I'll have another page that is not concert related. However, next week is another event that will go in this book. It's not really a concert but more like a performance. I'll be seeing Jeff Dunham next week!! I'm so excited since I have wanted to see him for years. And then the week after that, I will be seeing Jason and Steve from the Ghost Hunters!! Yay!!! A very exciting two weeks. There will be one more concert this summer but I'm sure you can guess who that is going to be by now. That's right. Gary Allan concert #5 will be in August. So stay tuned for some more concert pages in the near future. I'll hopefully have Jeff's in two weeks and then Jason and Steve's the week after. Jeff will be next Friday but I'll still have a mini album page for you that day so no worries. I'll be back tomorrow with another Smashbook Friday. Until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.

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