Friday, May 25, 2012

Online Games

I have been playing a game online called Neopets for almost 10 years. I decided to search the web for more games like Neopets a week ago and found two really good ones. They are Mara Pets and Powerpets. They are both really fun.Mara Pets is very similar to Neopets. On Mara Pets, you can unlock avatars and the pets are very similar to Neopets. I have a Knutt, a Speiro, and a Feliz. I love my Speiro cause he looks like Buckbeak from Harry Potter. I even names him Witherwings. :) On Powerpets, you adopt real species of animals. The first animal I adopted of course was a camel. Love my camel! I also have a Loris. He's so cute. In my opinion, the games are better on Powerpets. I just wish that there were avatars on Powerpets too. Another awesome thing about Powerpets is that you can help earn money for real organizations that help animals. I love that since my baby girl Jasmine Rose came from the Humane Society. The best part of both of these sites that Neopets doesnt have is a list of things that we can do and when we can do it. For Neopets I had to find a seperate site for this. Well, anyway, if you wanna try either of these sites out, I'll post some banners below so you can go sign up. If you sign up using the banners, I get some cool stuff too. Yay! I love getting stuff! Well, TTFN.

Powerpets Virtual Pet Games