Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Spring Semester 2013

Hey everyone. So it's a new semester starting yesterday. I started with Human Biology yesterday. It was almost 3 hours long! It started at 9 in the morning and went to 11:45am. After lunch break, I had Life Span Development. This seems like it's going to be an interesting class. Right after Life Span Development got out, I had to go downstairs to Medical Office Procedures. This is a distance learning class so the instructor was not actually in the room. I like it better when the instructor is there with me but she said sometime this semester she will be on campus with us. My next day of classes are on Wednesday. The first two classes are the same but I have Public Speaking at night. Anyone who knows me should be laughing at the thought of me taking Public Speaking. I do believe that sometime during the course of this semester I will either cry or pass out. I HATE talking in front of everyone. I like to call out answers if I know them but I hate standing in front of a class and talking. 

Well, besides school stuff, I have been crafting a lot trying to get all my crafts done before school starts so I don't get behind on anything. I did some art journal pages and ATCs.

Here are the ATCs. They are for a swap on MAS where we have to make a set of 4 ATCs using a technique of making fake snow. You can not really tell the technique in this picture but the snow looks like actual snow. I used some 3D paint and then heated it with my heat gun to make it puffy. Then I used stickles to make it glittery. The 3D paint even feels kind of soft. They are so neat. :)

My art journal pages are for a February swap. We had two prompts and had to make a page for both. This months prompts were to make Halloween and Valentine's Day pages. For the Halloween one, I painted the background purple then put some black on and then painted a jack'o lantern in the center. The Valentine's Day one has a hot pink border with some white and the background is light pink. I painted some hearts on the background and then stamped "Happy Valentine's Day on some pink tissue paper, ripped strips of it, and then modge podged it on the page. Last, I stamped some cupids all over the page. I hope everyone enjoyed and I'll post some later, maybe Wednesday if I am not totally petrified after class. :) TTFN Ta ta for now.