Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tons of Clay!

Hey everyone. It's a new Clay Wednesday and I have a lot of things to share today. Some of the pieces I have to share are from today and some I made on Saturday when I was bored. I'll start with Saturdays.

First is this little Cheshire Cat roll I made. I made a bunch of mistakes with it so I'll probably make another one. I meant to texture it but forgot and for the filling, I accidentally used Bake and Bond instead of  TLS. He still kinda looks cool but would be better if he'd come out liked I'd planned.
I also have this Ugly Doll for a contest I entered. His name is Ox. I'd never heard of Ugly Dolls before but I think I want to get one of Ox. He is so cute (not ugly).

I have also continued with my Disney donuts and made one of Goofy. It was a little bit of a pain to make since I did the donut part and the hat seperate and then glued them together. Also, the sprinkles kept falling off. It came out pretty cool. Now I just need to make one for Donald and Pluto and the main Disney friends are done (unless Goofy has a girlfriend I don't know about).
Next I'll share the things I made today. Like I said yesterday, I started making pieces for a contest and then the time for the contest was coming and I didn't realize it. So, today I made the other three pieces for the contest. Here they are:

This is a charm of Puss in Boots hat. The picture is a little blurry and you can't see the detail in the feather but I'll be posting a video for the contest and you can see the hat much better in it.
Next is Jawa from Star Wars. I don't watch Star Wars so I'm not sure what this is but the girl who created the contest says she likes them so I made one. He is actually kinda cute.
My last contest piece is this chibi of the contest coordinator dressed in a Stitch hoodie and holding a Scrump doll. I hope it doesn't look too much like a blue bunny with huge ears. I decided not to do a costume because she is so small the little details just would not have looked right so she's just in a Stitch hoodie.
One last little piece that I made. Some of you may have seen the Tardis pen I made a while back. I had made a stand for it but the stand was too small and the pen kept falling over. So I made a new one!

Here is the new and bigger stand. It's exactly like the old one but it is bigger and I gave it kind of a lip on the bottom for more stability. And for those who haven't seen it, this is my Tardis pen.
I got my YouTube video up for the contest so here it is.

I hope you all liked my clay pieces. I just wanted to share one last thing with you. Some of you may know that I am absolutely obsessed with YouTube and one of my favorite YouTubers is Sawyer Hartman. He creates fantastic short films and he released a new one today! He did his own version of the horror film "The Strangers". I've never seen "The Strangers" before. I think its the one with Liv Tyler. Anyway, the film is fantastic. You can check it out at this link. Just be warned, it is terrifying and you will probably want to lock your doors like I do.

That's it for today. TTFN Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Swaps

Hey everyone. Today is swap Tuesday and I have a couple swaps to share. The two things I have to share are for one swap, one for me and one from me. I'll start with the thing I made.

The swap that I'm sharing is for a swap from AFTCM. For this swap we are to make a Charlotte's Web Gothic Arch. Both me and my partner made ours double sided so I have photos for each arch.

This is the front of mine. I have these really neat chipboard doors that I've wanted to use and I thought one would be perfect for this. I made the front of the gothic arch look like a barn and behind the door you can see a pig (Wilbur) looking up at a spiderweb (Charlotte).
On the back of the arch, I wrote "Charlotte's Web" and then stamped webs all around it to make it look like Charlotte put it in her web. The only white ink I have is an ink daubber in Picket Fence and it didn't ink very well so I then had to cover it in white pen. I also added Charlotte to the arch by hanging her off the "b". 
I also received my arches this week so I have those to share too. Here ya go.

My partner for this swap made not one but three arches that she connected with two rings. They are so beautiful. I love that she included the rat. Rats and mice are my favorite characters in books and movies. Like Reepicheep and Roquefort.
Here is the other side. It's got some yellow on it. That's my favorite color!
That's it for today's swap share. I love the arches I received. I'm glad I signed up for this swap despite my severe arachnophobia. I'll be back tomorrow with Clay Wednesday where I will attemp to finish a contest that is ending sooner than I thought. TTFN Ta ta for now.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Card and More!

Hey everyone. I'm back with another OWH Monday. I didn't post anything on Friday because I wasn't feeling well so I'll add some extras to today's post. I'll start with the card. I used the new Sketch #183 for this weeks card. It's a pretty simple sketch that was fun to work with. Here's what I made.

For this card, I made it red, white, and blue but tried not to make it too patriotic. I used buttons for the circles on the right side of the card and added twine through the holes.
Recently I made a list of things to make that I have been meaning to make but either forgot about them or could never find the time. So, I made a list of everything and started working on them this weekend. The first thing I made was a clay dryer.

For the outside of the dryer, I painted a blue sky, green grass, assorted colors of flowers, and on the top are white clouds. The left picture is the back of the dryer and the right picture is one of the sides.

The inside of the dryer is black and I used two wooden skewers that are taped together with duct tape It's a little saggy in the center but the charms don't seem to slide down (yet). I also added some colorful paperclips for holding the charms when they are drying. I can't wait to use this. It's such a pain to not have a place to hang all my charms when the glaze is drying.

I used a tutorial for this clay dryer that I found on YouTube. I'll share that with you too. Mine's quite a bit different but this is pretty much where I got the idea for the dryer.

The next project is a very special one to me. Almost two years ago, my cat Violet passed away. My nephews and I had made a cross for her using sticks and twine. Not a very durable cross. About a month ago, we had a really bad wind storm that knocked some branches off the tree that Violet is buried under and the branches broke Violet's cross. My mom and I got her a new wooden cross from Michael's that I wanted to paint. I finally painted it. Here is Violet's new cross!
I painted the cross a very light purple (for some reason it looks light blue in the photo) and added her name and years in a darker purple (purple since her name is Violet). I also covered the cross in Modge Podge to make it shiny and to hopefully keep it waterproof. I'm hoping this will be Violet's final burial marker since it's so pretty just like her.
I hope you liked all the projects I've shared with you today. I'll be back tomorrow with some swaps. Until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Friends

Hey everyone. Today is Scrapbook Thursday and I have a new page to share. Finally, a page that is new. I have a photo album full of photos that are waiting to be scrapbooked. Today was the lucky day for one photo. Here it is:

This is a page of two of the cats. It's Aurora (the kitten) and Thyme (in the box). This was taken not too long after Aurora was brought home and Thyme and her became fast friends. For this page, I tried to make it look like a chalkboard. I have never done the chalkboard effect before. I also tried to make this very boxy since Thyme is in a box. The title of the page is "New Friends". It's on brown cardstock and matted on pink cardstock just like the background. The photo has pink patterned paper on two corners and there are wooden looking photo corners on the other two corners.
That's everything for today. I hope you liked the scrapbook page I made today. I'll be back tomorrow for another Mini Album Friday. Until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Piggy Girl

Hey everyone. It's another Clay Wednesday. I have a few clay creations to share. I'll start with with another Disney Donut that I made.

This time I made Minnie Mouse. Sorry for the blurry photo. Still have no camera so I have to use my IPod still. She is similar to my Mickey Mouse but with white polka dots and a flower. The donut part is textured to make it look more like a donut.

This charm is Piggy Girl. I've never made a charm of her so it was fun to try it. Her arms came out a little longer than I would like but she is pretty cute. I made her for a YouTube contest. She is the first charms for the contest. She has a little flower on her ear and a crown. You can't see it in the picture but she has some painted on gems on her crown. I would have used micro marbles but the crown is too thin and small that I didn't think it would look right.
Lastly, I have another sneak peek for the 13 days of Halloween swap I've been working on. I'll just share the clay part of it since it is Clay Wednesday but there is more to it.

That's it for clay pieces for today. I'll be back tomorrow with Scrapbook Thursday. I don't have photos for the Ghost Hunters printed yet so I'll make something else tomorrow.

To finish for the day, today we got the big announcement of what Baby Cambridge's name is. It's Prince George Alexander Louis. I had the George correct! Too bad I didn't bet anything or I could be rich.

Well that's it for today. Until tomorrow, TTFN Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Randomness Day

Hey everyone. It's Swap Update Day. I don't have a lot of swaps to share so I'm going to add some extra goodies at the end of this post. Onto the swaps!

I shared some of my drawings last week and this week I received drawings from one of those swaps.

These are the drawings I received for a 30 minute drawing swap. They are all really neat. I love the nature theme she chose.
Next I will show a sneak peak of something I am making for a huge Craftster swap I'm in.

I joined a swap on Craftster where you make your partner 13 things that they can open everyday for the 13 Days of Halloween. This is the first thing I've made for it. This is not completed yet. My partner for the swap loves candy corn so a lot of the things I've come up with for this swap will be candy corn themed. I'm not going to share everything I make for this swap until she gets them and opens them all. I may share some teasers though as I make everything. 
That's all I have that's swap related for this week. I do have a couple more things I'd like to share though. First I'll start with something I got at Lily Dale this past Saturday.

When I was in Lily Dale, they were having a sale that had crafts and plants. I picked up this adorable lion amigurumi. I love amigurumis and have wanted one for a long time. This is his cute little face and his side.

Also, you should know by now that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a baby boy yesterday. Today, we all got our first glimpse at Baby Cambridge. From the little bit of him that I saw, he is adorable. Here is a picture of the new happy family:

They look so happy. I can't wait to see how this little guy grows up and maybe even one day see him become king. First I'd like to find out what his name is. My bets on George. It's a very traditional name and is the name of his great-great grandfather.

To close up for the day, I'm going to share a photo of my baby.

This is the face of a naughty puppy.

Well, that's it for today. I'll be back tomorrow with polymer clay day. Until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Christmas in July

Hey everyone. Its another OWH Monday and I have a card that I made using Sketch #182. Onto the card:

For this weeks card, I decided to make a Christmas card. I used my usual polka dotted cardstock for the strips and red and two shades of green cardstock for the rest of the card. I also placed an Imaginisce stamp on it. The stamp was colored with markers and popped up on dimensionals.
It's a pretty simple card but I really like the way it came out. I've been wanting to use the stocking stamp since I got it but could not find the proper project for it until today. I hope you liked this card. I may be back tomorrow with Swap Update Tuesday if I work on some swaps tomorrow.

To close up today, I'm going to write about some big news of the day. I am a big anglophile so I love Doctor Who, researching British Royalty and I spent a whole day watching the Royal Wedding in 2011. So today, I spent the day looking at a hospital door waiting for word of the birth of the Royal Baby. It was finally announced that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth to a baby boy who weighs 8lb 6oz. I'm super excited and look forward to seeing the first photos of the baby and finding out his name. I'm sure he is beautiful. Just look at his parents and grandparents (Charles being the exception). I'll probably end up writing more about this tomorrow too.

In addition to the Royal Baby, there is a new Lady A baby too. I found out not that long ago that Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum gave birth to a baby girl named Eisele Kaye. As you can tell, I'm also obsessed with celebrity babies. Congratulations to William and Kate on Royal Baby Boy and congrats to Hillary and her husband on little baby Eisele. That's it for today. TTFN Ta ta for now!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ghost Hunters!!

Hey everyone. Here's a weekend special for you. Today, I went to Lily Dale, NY with my mom for the day. Lily Dale is known for being a very spirtual place that has mediums, psychics, and other people who work in the spirtuial field. Every year, they also have summer they also have some special guests that come to visit. Jason and Steve from the Ghost Hunters! I am absolutely in love with this show, especially Steve so when I found out he was coming to Lily Dale this year, I immediately bought some tickets. Today was the day finally and the show was awesome. They told stories from some of their investigations and shared some audio and videos from them. It was really interesting and extremely funny. Luckily, we were able to take photos during the show but unfortunatly I had to take them with my IPod due to a mishap yesterday with my puppy. I no longer have a camera to use so photos from now on for a while may be a little blurry and I'm really sorry about that. Anyway, onto the photos from the show.

At the end of the show, Steve and Jason went around to the audience to ask questions. People all around me were asking questions so I was snapping away with my IPod. Here is one of the photos I got of Steve. The person sitting right in front of me had asked a question and he sat in the empty seat right in front of my Mom. My heart may have skipped a beat. 

And here is Jason!! He was in the row right above mine to answer a question.

As previously stated, I am totally in love with Steve so a large majority of the photos I took were of him. Here's another one of him in front of me.

Later, Steve and Jason were doing a meet and greet. The line was incredibly long and I can't wait in long lines without my legs giving out so I just snapped this photo of them as I was walking by.
In addition to seeing Steve and Jason, my mom and I just explored Lily Dale. It is a very interesting place. They had a bookstore/gift store that I bought a bunch of postcards, a pen, and my mom got a magnet. I ate at a resteraunt called The Sunflower Cafe and I swear they had the best onion rings ever!. And then right before we were going to go home, we walked along a Fairy Trail. The Fairy Trail is so beautiful. I took a few photos of it.

Throughout the trail there were little fairy  houses and figurines. One of my favorite displays was this collection of limbs that had a bunch of tiny birdhouses hanging off of them. It was just so beautiful.

Also, along the trail, there were trails that veered off from the main trail and they were labeled with "street" signs. There was Firefly Circle, Tinkerbell Lane, and Butterfly Street. They called the whole trail a Fairy Village. It was all so neat.
That was my day. I had so much fun in Lily Dale. I hope I can go again sometime. I wasn't a fan of walking everywhere but it was worth it since everything was so fantastic. Hope you enjoyed my trip through Lily Dale. TTFN Ta ta for now.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Hey everyone. It's another Smashbook Friday. This is going to be a quick one since I'm not feeling very well. Here's the page:

This is a very simple page. It just shows some of my favorite YouTubers that I watch all the time. I had to include Jupiter, Kona, and Griffin too.
I hope you liked this very quick share for today. I'll be seeing the Ghost Hunters tomorrow so if I can get some pictures I will try to share them sometime this weekend. I'll be back on Monday with another card. TTFN Ta ta for now.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seasons Scrapbooking

Hey everyone and welcome to another Scrapbook Thursday. As promised, I will share the page where I have put my Jeff Dunham tickets. It's a two page layout that I made a while ago but continue to add to periodically. Here they are:

This is the left side of the layout. Both of the pages have these little books that I made and each book represents a season. I split both pages into two and placed a strip of cardstock that coordinates with the season. I also added some vellum behind the books. On this page is Spring and Summer.

Here is the right page of the layout. I have placed Fall and Christmas on this page. It's similar to the first page except for the top that has some vellum and journaling.

Here is a look inside the Summer book. Its where the Jeff Dunham tickets are along with a little bit of journaling and the year.
That's it for the Scrapbooking for this week Scrapbook Thursday but I do have more thing to share with you. I shared my Sentimental Circus figurine yesterday but today I finished it up and made a video for the contest. So here is the video.

I hope you enjoyed everything I had to share today. I will be back tomorrow for Smashbook Friday. TTFN Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Start of Something Great

Hey everyone and welcome to another Clay Wednesday. For today I have a work in progress to show you. I worked on only one thing all day so I'm going to show you some photos of the process of making it.

What I'm working on is a figurine for a YouTube contest. I have never made a figurine before so this has been quite the adventure. Onto the photos:

Here is what everything looked like after it was sculpted and baked. Many of those kawaii fans should know who the characters are going to be by this photo. I also made a structure for them to sit in which will be revealed in later photos.
This next photo is of the structure after it was glued together and then draped in more clay. I also added a little flag to the top. You can also see the inside of the tent (that's what it is) which is yellow and white marbled clay that I mixed. The base is pink and white  marble. I did  not show the tent after gluing because it looked horrible and looked more like a shack than a tent. Now it looks like a tent.

This is what it looks like now. I painted the figures and the tent. The figures are Shappo and Toto from Sentimental Circus and then they will sit inside the tent. Toto will sit on Shappo's lap. After I took this photo, I painted "Circus" on the flag.
So those are all the photos of the making of my first figurine. I will finish it tomorrow and make a video for the contest. I will also have a page for the Scrapbook day. I was unable to find any photos from the Jeff Dunham show so I have placed it on another page which is what I will be sharing tomorrow. So until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Showing my Drawing Skills

Hey everyone. Welcome to another Swap Share Tuesday. I have a lot of swaps to share, both sending and receiving swaps. I'll start with swaps I've made.

I made one ATC this week. It's another Not Your Typical ATC that is made using non-crafty supplies. I used duct tape for the background, a coupon for the lemonade, and a sales paper for the strawberries and lemon. I think those strawberry lemonades are so yummy.
This is the second card I made yesterday with the OWH sketch for this week. This card is for a AFTCM swap and the topic of the swap is to make a card with embossed vellum. The embossed vellum is the swirly square and rectangle. This turned out really neat.
This week, I also completed a couple of drawing swaps. The first one is to draw anything in 30 minutes. I drew a girl since I like to practice my people drawing. I'm horrible at drawing hands but I'm better at noses. The second swap was to draw something flora in 30 or more minutes. I drew a vase of flowers that my mom has. That turned out pretty nice.

That is all the things I made for swaps. Now onto the things I've received. I'll start with the ATCs.

In this set of ATCs are the Not Your Typical ATC I received. Next are two more Geometry ATCs. This time they are Perpendicular Lines and Obtuse Angle. The series is winding down. I look forward to having all of the ATCs. The last two are my Japan ATCs I received. We were only suppose to make one but my partner was super nice and made me a second one. They are so neat.
I received a couple of AFTCM swaps so I'll finish up with those today.

This is the embossed vellum card I received. The whole background of this card is embossed vellum. This card also came with a matching envelope. It's a very beautiful card.
Lastly is the CD case I received. I have a few photos of this since the front, inside, and back are all decorated differently. It is a very beautiful case that is decorated very vintage-y. My partner even altered a CD and put it in the case. Inside the case is a book but I'm not sharing that because there are enough photos in this blog already. :)

That's it for today. There was a lot of swapping going on this week. I'm going to have to lessen the amount of swaps I do until my financial aid comes for this next semester and even then there will probably not be many swaps since I'll have an internship this semester and that may take up a lot of crafting time. If I do have a week where I have no swaps, I'll put something else on Tuesdays.I have a couple of more swaps I've signed up for but that will be it except for some series swaps. I will be back tomorrow with Clay Wednesday. Until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday card

Hey everyone. Welcome to another OWH Monday. I have a card to share that I made using Sketch #181. Onto the card!

This card has a pink background with purple and white cardstock and a patterned paper from DCWV. I'm not sure who made the striped paper. I think it's Paper Wishes. I stamped the sentiment using my Bo Bunny stamps and used a stamped image I received in a swap for the flowere. I colored in the flower using Irojiten's Vol. 2 Vivid Tone I colored pencils.It's purple with blue at the bottom of the flower.
I hope you liked this weeks card. I actually made two cards using this sketch but the second one is for a swap so I will share that tomorrow along with some other swaps I have made an received. Until then, TTFN Ta ta for now.