Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Princess Day!

Hey, everyone. It's clay day today! I made a couple of charms from clay and I'll also be showing you a set of charms I've been working on.

First I'll show you today's creations. I found a couple of contests on YouTube that I want to enter so I've started making some creations for them. The theme for one of them is Kawaii so I came up with some ideas and I started on them today.

The first charm I made was this Molang with a cup of cappuccino. The cup has a Molang face on it and on top of the cappuccino is a heart that you can't see in this picture. When I get all the pieces done for the contest, I'll post a video that will show it better. I have been seeing a lot of Molang charms on YouTube and wanted to make so this is what I came up with.

The next charm I made is this Cutie Pluto. He's not done yet. One of his ears and a foot fell off in the oven so I had to glue it back on. I did get him painted though. When he's done and glazed I'll post another picture of him. He looks really cute though, doesn't he? I love Pluto. He's one of my favorite Disney characters.

Next, I will show you the set I have been working on. As you can tell, I love all things Disney. I have decided to make a set of Disney Princess chibis. I've only done a few so far but I hope to do all the princesses and the other girls from Disney films like Alice and Megara.
These are the three I have made already. Seems they are getting bigger as I go. Sleeping Beauty was the first one I made, then Snow White, and I made Ariel just a couple days ago.

This is a closer look at Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). I love the way she came out. Her dress is pretty detailed and her eyes are cute. I tried to make her hair like Auroras. Aurora kinda has some curl to her bangs. She also has Aurora's tiara and necklace.
 The second chibi princess I made was Snow White. Not sure what happened here but she's not as good as Aurora. Her eyes look kinda weird and the sleeves look strange without arms.Her bow and dress are cute though. :)
The third one I've made so far is Ariel. I made her in her mermaid form. She's the best one of the three. Her eyes are great, her hair looks fantastic, and her shell bra looks neat. Her fins aren't that great but I blame that on the clay. It was really tough to work with. The next princess I'm hoping to make is Belle. Not sure if I want to make her in the peasant dress or her big yellow dress.

BTW, I still have the ring for sale in my Etsy shop. Here's a photo of it and if you like it you can head on over to my Etsy shop.

Well that's it for today. Tomorrow will be scrapbook day. TTFN Ta ta for now.

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