Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Disney Love!

Hey everyone. Today is clay day and I have a few pieces to share. I have a piece for a swap, some for a contest, and one I made for fun. So away we go with the sharing.

I'll start with the contest pieces first.

The first one is this Cutie Marie. I was originally going to make her whole body but it wasn't coming out right so I just did her head. I think she came out super cute though. My glaze is a little goopy so its kinda thick on her. 

I also made this donut for the contest. It's the last piece for the contest! I'll be making a video for it tomorrow so I'll post that on here as well as on my YouTube channel. This donut is based off of a squishy that I saw online and I really liked the design of it. This is also my first attempt at doing a donut that was bitten into. Ir looks like it was bitten to me.

Next I'll share the swap piece.

I made this chibi for a Harry Potter swap I'm in on Craftster. Participants have to make their partner one Harry Potter thing that is no more than 4 inches. My partner is a Ravenclaw so she wanted something that was house specific. The only Ravenclaw I know of is Luna so I made this chibi of Luna in her school robes. I'll also be sending her in a box I made that is the house colors.
Lastly is the piece I made for fun and it is one of my favorite pieces I've made so far.

This is a Mickey Mouse donut. It's very textured on the donut part and then I gave it some red frosting for pants and the yellow for Mickey's buttons. I actually copied this from a Re-ment that I found online. My version looks just like the picture.
I hope you all liked the pieces I made. Like I said, I'll be making a video for the contest tomorrow and I'll post it on here along with my scrapbook page for Scrapbook Thursday. Until then TTFN Ta ta for now.

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