Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disney, ATCs, and Shrines!

Hey, everyone. According to my schedule, today is swap update day! So I'm going to share with you some things that I have made for swaps. The two bigger swaps were mailed earlier but the ATCs were made today. Everything that I'm going to share with you were mailed today. BTW, if you have me for any physical swaps on Swap-bot or Craftster, this will be spoiler heavy. I suggest that you leave now if you don;t want to see. The swaps that I will be sharing are two Strong Women ATCs (Nefertiti and Eleanor of Aquitaine), N is for Number Line, Not Your Typical ATC, Disney swap, and Shrine swap. Now that you have been forewarned, here are the photos.

I'm going to start with the ATCs that are for Swap-bot swaps.

I'm going to start at the top. The first ATCs are the Strong Women ATCs. I've joined a series of swaps that depict Strong Women from history. The first one was Cleopatra. The 2nd one is the Nefertiti and the 3rd is the Eleanor of Aquitaine. I just printed some pictures of the women (had to include some Doctor Who on the Nefertiti one), stickled around the images, and then wrote some facts about the women. For Nefertiti, I also included the meaning of her name.

One the bottom row is the Not your Typical ATC and the N is for Number Line. The NYT ATC is made of not your typical crafting materials. For the base of the ATC, I used a recycled board, the stripes are masking tape that were colored with sharpies, the flower is the weather forecast from the newspaper, and the center is a paperclip that I curled, snipped, and colored red with sharpies. I must say, I love this ATC! It looks so cool.

The N is for Number Line ATC is for another series that I have been with since A for Acute. The series is called ABCs of Geometry. It's very fun to make these ATCs despite the fact that I hate math. This ATC is very simple. I just cute a strip of paper for the number line, added lines for the numbers, stamped the numbers (I only have the one alphabet stamp set that includes numbers), and then wrote the definition of Number Line (which is a requirement for the swap). I hope the recipients of these four ATCs will be pleased.

Now, onto the two Craftster swaps. I'll start with the shrines.

For the Shrine swap, we were to give a list of five themes for the shrines. Of the five my partner gave, I chose to make shrines using the themes fairies and nature. Both of the shrines I made are using Altoid tins since I'm horrible at making structures.

The first shrine I made was the Nature one. The entire outside of the shrine is covered in leaves and I painted "Nature" on the front. On the inside, the top is covered in different flower petals. There are some dandelions, hyacinths, and some pink flowers that I don't know what they are. I wanted to put some rose petals but the roses have not bloomed yet. They are just little buds right now. The inside of the shrine is covered in pinecone shells and then outlined with sticks. I created a nest with raffia and placed some small rocks inside to represent eggs. For the fairy shrine, I paper pieced a cute little fairy together, using vellum for the wings. One the inside, I made some flowers that are popped forward along with some grass that is also popped forward. I also created a little fairy out of polymer clay that is flying around on the top. I think the two shrines came out so neat. The fairy one is adorable. Everything inside kind of wiggles around.

Now onto the last and biggest swap: the Disney Swap.

For the Disney swap, we were to give five Disney topics, similar to the Shrine swap. I tried to include all of the topics my partner gave. My partners topics are:

          1. Marie
          2. Disney Cruise (the Dream ship)
          3. Kilimanjaro Safari
          4. Star Tours
          5. Disney World

The only one I didn't use was Kilimanjaro since I didn't really know what to do with that. Here's what I came up with for the rest.

Here's everything that I made for her. I used the freezer paper technique to put Marie on a shirt for her.  I had never done it before but it is so easy and fun to do. I used this blog to help me with this shirt. I also got back into sewing during the making of this swap. I created a travel organizer for her since she said she was going on a Disney cruise. It was fun to make. I also took a look at her Pinterest board and saw that she had a Wizard of Oz bookmark on there. I figured that since Disney just created Oz: The Great and Powerful, it would be okay for this swap. I made one for my Mom too since she loves Wizard of Oz.

 I also made her a pen to go with the Star Tours topic. I covered the pen in black clay, put some glow in the dark stars on it and put C3PO on the top.It looks really cool in the dark. :)
 I also made her a jewelry set since she loves Marie. I thought she deserved two crafts. The necklace is a Marie pendant that I made using a mold I have, the earrings and ring are all Marie style bows. I also made her a jewelry box from a Altoid tin that I found on her Pinterest board. I put her name on the front next to the bow.
The last thing I made for her was a reversible headband using the scrap fabric from her organizer. The red is inside the organizer so you probably can't see it very well in the picture above. 

So this is all the swaps that I have recently done. Next week, I'll show you some more swaps that I make and maybe some swaps I get if I get any. I really hope that everyone likes what they get. Tomorrow will be clay day! Yeah! 

BTW, I have started an Etsy shop. I have one thing for sale as kind of a test to see if I can sell anything. If you would like to check it out you can go on over to my shop. Here's my shop! That's it for today. TTFN Ta ta for now.

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  1. Hi Samm, fun to see all your crafts. I do ATCs and I've done some altered Altoid tins too, but I want to do some more. Just stopping by for a visit. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    Coleen, an American in Ukraine
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