Saturday, June 15, 2013

It's Finally Here!

Hey everyone. I got the package I was talking about yesterday and I tested it out today. I ordered it mid-March but due to some technical issues I had to wait a while to get it. But it is finally here and I'll show you it and the final outcome.

Here it is. It's the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Board. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be but I guess that makes it easier to store. It comes with a matching bone folder that fits in the side slot. 

For the test I made an A2 sized envelope so I needed to cut the paper to 8 1/8 by 8 1/8.  
I had to line it up at 3 3/4 on the top. As you can tell by the photo I got a little confused by the numbers and I actually lined it up at 2 3/4 instead. Once I had it correct I scored the side and then punched. The complete instructions are in the top left corner of the board.
Once all done with the scoring and punching, this is what the front of the envelope looks like.

And here's the back. As you can tell, the color changed cause I messed up a few times before I got it right. It's still a little small to fit my A2 sized cards but at least it's an envelope. 

Now that I have tested it, I'll review it. It's small so it will be easy to store and I love that it comes with its own bone folder on the side. It was a little confusing to use. I had to try it 3 times to get it right. The ruler was confusing since I'm use to rulers going from left to right and this one goes right to left. I'm going to have  play with it a bit more so I can perfect my enveloping. Other than being a little confused by it, it was fun to play with and will be useful for making envelopes for family cards. I won't be using it for OWH cards since that will take a lot of paper to make them because it takes one full 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of cardstock.

So that's it for my WRMKs Envelope Board test and review. I hope to liked it and this has been somewhat helpful. BTW, I ordered it from StampingScrapping. I had ordered other things to go with my board, one of which I will be showing something I made with it on Tuesday. That's it for today. TTFN Ta ta for now.

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