Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lots of Swaps!

Hey everyone. Today I'm going to be sharing all the swaps that I have received and made this last week. There are a bunch of them. I'll start with the swaps I have made since there aren't as many of those.

I only made thee ATCs this week. The first one is Jack Skellington for a Nightmare Before Christmas swap. It's a new series that is going to have swaps for all the characters. I already have an idea for Sally when it starts. The next ATC is for a red, white, and blue swap. My flag came out a little wonky. The last ATC is for a Around the World series. This swap is for Japan. I made a pagoda, put a sun in the corner, created some cherry blossoms, and put "love" and "Japan" in Japanese characters. 

 I have also finished the DVD case. To recap, here's the cover:

Now to the inside. It's similar to the outside only without the girl and ribbon.

I used the same stamps and ink for the inside of the DVD case. I had to do a lot of circle cutting for the right side of the case. I painted the plastic parts that are showing with lavender paint. I used some washi tape to border the top and bottom of the right side. On the left, I created a big flower that has a blue button in the center. I also painted those tabs. I didn't put anything too close to the tabs so that my partner can put stuff in it.
That's it for the stuff I made. I did make one more thing for swaps but it's not done yet so I'll show it tomorrow since it's clay. Alright so now onto the things i received.

First, I received my Y art journal page. She made her using the word yellow. That's neat since yellow is my favorite color. I'm working on X right now so I should be able to share that with you next week on swap share day.
I also have received my "Faces in the Crowd" ATC. My partner made this beautiful ATC that is a tribute to all those lost in Sandy Hook. It's gorgeous and I'm very honored to have been the one to receive it. For the swap, we were to send two ATCs so since this is the only one she sent she says she will be sending me another one. I'm sure it will be as beautiful as this one.
I also got my Mermaid Art Doll. She is so neat. I love the bling on her tail and the seaweed on her waist. She's holding some shells in her hands and has a seahorse in her hair. The crown is also neat. Makes her look like an underwater princess. Love this doll so much. 
Lastly, I received another Craftster swap so it's pretty big. I got my shrines from my partner so I have some photos of those to share with you. The topics that she chose for me are pandas and steampunk. So onto the shrines.

This is the panda shrine. On the cover is this adorable panda eating bamboo. The panda is fuzzy and so soft. I love to pet it. There's also the cherry blossom sticker (I love cherry blossoms) and the Chinese script that looks like it is handwritten. I don't think I could write Chinese script. It's more detailed than Japanese and she did a great job with it.

On the inside of the cover is a super cute panda charm with more cherry blossoms and some grass for the panda to play in. On the inside of the shrine is another fuzzy panda resting on a log in some more grass. There are some bamboo stalks too behind the metal leafy frill. This whole shrine is so cute and very me. I love pandas so anything with pandas melts my heart.
 Here's the steampunk shrine. The cover is simple but very neat. It's covered with the gear paper and has a big, thick key glued to it. The gears on the paper are glossy so it looks really cool in person.
The inside of the shrine is so busy. On the inside of the cover, there are a bunch of gears, keys, photo corners, a big metal button, a clock winder, and a locket that opens. Behind everything are some old looking mini newspapers. The inside of the shrine has a lot of things too that are really popped up. There is a cute little owl, a key, a little bird charm, beautiful bird pendant, a pocket watch, more photo corners, and some more newspapers behind everything. This shrine is so cool.

That's everything I have to share for this week's swap share. Sorry it's a little long but I tend to sign up for a lot of swaps. Tomorrow I'll be sharing some clay pieces so for today TTFN Ta ta for now.

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