Tuesday, June 11, 2013

ATC Galore!

Hey everyone! It's swap day so I'm going to show you some swaps I've made and received. They are all ATCs since I love ATCs and that's all I can really afford to send right now. Now onto the swaps.

 I'm going to start with the few that I made. I made another Strong Women in History ATC. This time it was Joan of Arc so I put some images that I think represent her, like when she received her message from God, when she led the French army, and when she was burned at the stake. I also did a set of two for a swap in my group, Art for the Creative Mind. The theme is "Faces in a Crowd" so I made a bunch of faces out of cardstock and gave them some hair. I'm thinking of putting a sentiment at the bottom of each so they may not be done. I'll post more pics if I add a sentiment.

Now I'll show you all the ATCs that I have received in the last week. On the top is an ATC for A Day in the Life of a Pirate and the one next to that is one of my Treasure Hunt ATCs. Can you spot the cat, seagull, umbrella, turtle, book, child's toy, and 2 sea shells? On the 2nd row is the Not your Typical ATC that I received (I showed you the one I made last week), the next one is the 2nd Treasure Hunt ATC, and then Nefertiti. On the bottom row is a Memorial Day ATC, and finally are two ATCs for the ABCs of Geometry series.

I hope everyone liked this week's swap update. Clay day tomorrow! TTFN Ta ta for Now.

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