Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Foodie Charms

Hey everyone. It's another Clay Wednesday. I have a few charms to share. Unfortunately the photos are really blurry since my IPod doesn't take very good photos. I'll share them anyways.

The first charm I made is this macaron. It's an Alice in Wonderland inspired macaron. On the top of it is a clock and a dollop of frosting. The inside is pink.

This is a somewhat better view of the clock. This macaron was a fail so I will probably make another one someday.

I also made this cake. The inside is hot pink (sorry it looks red in the photo) and the "fondant" is black. I also used TLS mixed with white acrylic paint to make the frosting on the inside.

Lastly is this teapot that is Mouton from Sentimental Circus. He's the first piece for a contest I'm working on. He came out so cute. Love him! Sentimental Circus is one of my favorite kawaii characters (all of the circus) so I loved making this. Maybe I will make a whole tea set that is Sentimental Circus.
Those are all the pieces I made for today. I'll be back tomorrow with Scrapbook Thursday. Before I end the post for the day, I wanted to share two more photos. These are of my pets, Thyme and Kiely. Enjoy.

Thyme in a car seat.

TTFN Ta ta for now.

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  1. Hi there! You are good at making beautiful things out of clay. I am planning to go out this weekend to buy some polymer clay. I am thinking of putting up a business with it. I hope it turns out well for me. Thank you for sharing your craft. :)

    -Mamieberry (swap-bot, comment on my blog)