Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Early Halloween

Hey everyone. It's another Clay Update Wednesday and I have a few things to share today. I made some more things for a contest and some for the Halloween swap. I'll start with the contest charms.

The first charm I made is this Meeko cookie. Meeko is the raccoon from Pocahontas. The cookie is chocolate and I used TLS with white acrylic paint for the frosting. I painted on the facial features and the black in the ears.

The next charm I have is this cupcake of Abu, the monkey from Aladdin. Both the cupcake and the cookie look much better in real life.The cupcake has Abu's hat and tail. The liner is red since Abu wears a little red vest.

Now I'll move onto the the Halloween crafts I made. I have some clay pieces and then a none clay piece. I'm going to share only a hint of each just in case my partner in the swap sees this. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

This is the non-clay piece. Once the swap is all over I'll post more about this.

This is the clay pieces. You can see a little bit of the clay in this photo. The yellow background is actually the box I'm sending these in.
These are all the things I have to share with you today. Hope you enjoyed. Until next time, TTFN Ta ta for now.

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