Friday, August 2, 2013

Celebrating All Year Round

Hey everyone. It's another Mini Album Friday. I have something new to share with you today. It's not exactly new. It's something I have been working on all year but it will be new to you. I have been working on an art journal book that has a page for each holiday of the year. The book has about 22 pages in it and I made a list of every holiday I wanted to include. I'm so behind on this book (last holiday was President's Day) so I'm going to share it with you one page at a time (maybe more some weeks) so that I'll start working on it more and hopefully get it finished by the end of the year. I'll start with sharing the cover with you.

For the cover, I divided it into four sections, each representing a different season. I used some label stickers that I have had for forever. I also used some embossing powder (snowflakes), punches (Fall), doodles (Spring), and handmade cut outs (Summer). You can see some blue on the binding that has been collected over the pages I've made so far. The book I used is a $1.99 paper mache book I bought at Michaels.
Now for the first page of the book. It should be no surprise what the holiday is. Here it is:

The first page is celebrating New Years. On this page, I painted the background using various blue colors and then added some pink and yellow to streak in it. On the first page I just painted in the year in various colors. On the second page, I painted some swirls in blue and then inside the swirls I wrote my resolutions for the year. When I was all done, I stamped the date of the holiday (not the day I made the page).
That's it for today. I'll share another page from this book next week since I don't have any ink for Kiely's book or my Smashbook. I may through some of them in if I come up with ideas not requiring ink. Hope everyone has a great day. I'll be back on Monday with another OWH card. TTFN Ta ta for now.

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