Friday, October 21, 2016

Readathon Snacks

 Tomorrow is the big day! The Dewey's 24 hour Readathon starts at 8am for me tomorrow so today I got my snacks ready. I only made one snack and bought another. The snack I bought for tomorrow are these.
They are NatureTrails Trail Mix Granola Bars. They look really yummy plus they are healthy.

The snack I made is this.

Its Puppy Chow! I saw a lot of people on the Goodreads group for the readathon saying they make puppy chow to snack on so I decided to make some for myself. I used this recipe for it but I added some regular m&ms to make it more colorful. 

So these are the snacks I will have with me tomorrow. I'll eat other foods too (probably ramen noodles again). I listen to my audiobook (which is still Fangirl) while eating. Look forward to reading with you all tomorrow. TTFN

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