Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to School!

Hey, guys. I went back to school today. I started at 2:40pm for my English course. We just went over the syllubus and met the teacher. Got out at 3:55pm. My 2nd class was at 6:30pm and it was MicroComputer Applications. What all that means is learning how to use Words, Excel, and something called Access. Not sure what that is yet. We will also learn about PowerPoint too.I do have one online course that I have been working on. Thats my Medical Office Procedures course. Printed some stuff and took an orientation test so far. Will get more into the medical stuff tomorrow. I posted another vlog entry this morning before I went to class if you wanna check it out. It's very short and not much is said. Well that's it for today, I will post again tomorrow. TTFN ta ta for now.

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