Thursday, January 27, 2011


Had photography class again yesterday.  I brought home my rayographs and we made some paper negatives.
Mine are of Jasmine Rose. I'll get those on Monday. In photography class we also have to make an altered book journal. I found a book and painted it.

Inside the book we are to place journal entries and our assignments. The first journal entry is "10 things I know to be true but have no proof. Here are my pages:

If you can't see what I put, I will list them for you.
1: People will always read.
2. My pets love me.
3. There is a God.
4. There are unknown monsters in the world.
5. Cigarettes Cause Cancer.
6. Aliens exist.
7. I will never have a niece.
8. My tree will continue to grow.
9. Kisses can heal.
10. I will see Gary Allan again.

On Monday, I will be working on more Rayographs for my first assignment. Tomorrow is Psych, Student Success, and Math. There is a test tomorrow in Math. :s TTFN Ta Ta For Now.


  1. Love Comment Blog ♥ (7) Swap (1/3) Piimanyx

    Hello is Piimanyx for swap.

    I love you Art Journal ! I make too, but in this moment I don't have inspiration :(

  2. I loved making Rayographs in school!! I thought they were fun and always turned out diffeerent! :) Fawn18 swap