Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography Class

I have now been going to school for 1 week. Yeah! My favorite is my photography class, of course. I didn't have a 35mm film camera so I had to buy one. I got my Holga 135 today along with the photo paper and 10 rolls of black and white film. I purchased all of it from Freestyle Photographic Suppiles. I think I am in love with this site. Also, during last nights photography class, we worked in the darkroom making photograms. It was so fun! I have never worked in a darkroom before. For my photograms, I used a cd, a packing peanut, clothespin, and a rubber glove. If I get to bring them home tomorrow, I will post them. They are really neat. I hope we get to taking pictures soon, however doing anything in the darkroom is great. It's like magic when the photo appears. Today was English and we discussed the difference between men and women in sport's salaries. It was for critical thinking. Tomorrow is back to Psych, Student Success, and Math with Photography at night. TTFN, Ta Ta for Now.

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