Monday, November 1, 2010

Degu Cage

I've been looking into the best degu cage since the girls need a new cage. I decided to take some picks of their current cage and tell a little about it and what's wrong with it. What they are in is Nathaniel's old hand-me-down cage that I put them in when Nathaniel got a bigger cage. In their cage they have a water bottle that is easy to take off and on and does not fall off. Thats the blue thing on the left. The have a big bowl for hay and a small bowl for food. They have the space pod on the top since they like to jump around a lot. They have two hide-aways. One is big, which is the one they sleep in the most and the other is smaller. One girl goes in their to eat or to just get
away from her sister. They also have 2 wheels: a flying saucer and a silent spinner. They have two since they were always fighting over the one. They fight over everything. What you can't see in the picture is the salt wheel which is currently orange and heart shaped. I just recently noticed that they eat it. I thought they only sat on it. They also have a Chinchiller that holds the two wheels down so they don't move them all over the place. They like to move them right up to the hide-aways so that when they spin they hit the wood and make a lot of noise. Why they need a new cage is because Nathaniel use to chew on the plastic parts so it doesn't stay together very well. I can't give them Nathaniels bigger cage because it has a wire bottom and they need a solid bottom to nest on. In the picture you can see one little face in the bigger hide-away. That's probably Eve since Giselle likes to stay out of sight a lot. Hopefully soon the girls will have a new and bigger cage. The cage I have been looking at for them is the My First Home for Exotics. I would have to take out the wheel since they need two wheels to avoid fights but this is a great cage for them and huge! They would have tons of room. If I do get it for them, I'll take some pics and show you how my girls decorated it. TTFN Ta ta for now.


  1. they eat plastic not metal

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