Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party

We had the party and it was a hit. The boys all liked the games and their treat bags. The games we played were:

Toilet paper game where they teamed up and wrapped one team member up like a mummy. Terrell wrapped Trenton and they won.

Bean bag toss. Terrell got one bean bag in the bucket so he won. 

The donut game. They tried to eat the donut faster than the others without using their hands. Trenton won this game. This is Finley and he would not stand still for the pic.

They bobbed for apples. Finley was unable to reach so Terrell had helped him out by picking him up. This is a pic of Corey the dragon.

We also had a stuffed animal hunt where some stuffed animals were hidden and the boys looked throughout the house for them. Each stuffed animal had a numbered tag that matched a prize that the boy who found the animal would get.
After games was time for the family photo of all the boys together.

Terrell is a vampire, Kyle is a ninja, Elijah is a ninja, Trenton is a vampire, Finley is Harry Potter, and Corey is a dragon from How to Train a Dragon. Gavin was not able to come since he was in NYC but he will be back for trick or treating. I'll be taking more pics before trick or treating. TTFN Ta ta for now.

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