Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Clay Creations

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to share some new creations that I made that I am very excited about. This last week I was so sick that I just laid in bed watching YouTube videos all day, mostly polymer clay tutorials. Some of the videos I saw were make pens with polymer clay. So as soon as I was feeling well, I got myself some pens and got to work. I made two pens so far. I love Doctor Who and The Aristocats so I made a Tardis pen and a Marie pen.

The Marie pen is going to school with me so I cut off the tail thing on the cap and painted the cap. I also painted the pen tip too. I love the way it came out. I plan to make pens of Marie's two brothers, Berlioz and Toulouse, too. Berlioz is going to have a red bow with piano keys going down it since he plays the piano and Toulouse is going to be orange with a blue bow and paint splatters since he's the painter. Berlioz is probably going to be the hardest because of the keys and he has a thinner bow and I usually make big bows. I'll post them if I ever get them done.

 As for the Tardis pen, that's going to sit on my nightstand near my bed so I can use it for making lists or writing notes for my swaps. So if you ever get a swap from me, your note will probably be written with this. I also made a pen stand for it too out of the extra blue clay. It's just a dome of the blue clay with "Doctor Who" painted on it. I will probably make a bigger one when I get more blue clay. I wasn't too happy with the way this came out at first cause the blue clay was so hard that it was impossible to work with, even after adding clay softener but after painting and glazing it, it looks great now.

So these are my two newest creations. . I haven't been making a lot of stuff lately since the semester is ending soon and I've been doing a lot of homework but once summer comes, I'll be making a lot more stuff. Hope you liked these two pens. If you have any suggestions for pens, let me know. They are so much fun to make. I think I'm going to make a butterfly one for my sissy since she loves butterflies. TTFN Ta ta for now!


  1. Hi Sam,
    Following you now from S-B, "Gain Exposure for your Blog." Very cool pens. Glad you are feeling better. Hope you'll come visit my crafty blog and follow too. You'll see lots of fun tutorials there.

    an American in Ukraine

  2. Tardis! Yay! -rachwms from swapbot

  3. Ah yeah, polymer clay can be amazing!

    You make great cards! I hope I can also make cards like that in the future! Just continue on posting, and your blog will be more lovable <3 Smile and thank you!

    abbyaguas on swap-bot
    Gain exposure to your blog 2!