Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to Normal Life

Hey everyone. So the Olympics are now over. Boo! I loved watching them. So happy that USA won the medal count. We won a total of 104 medals, 46 of them gold! Awesome!!! Way to go everyone on Team USA. You all did great. Misty and Kerri, of course, won gold number 3. Gabby won gold for all around in gymnastics. Michael is now the most decorated Olympian. And Jenn, who is a local Olympian, won gold. I also discovered that the Olympics has BMX bike racing. This got me thinking why there isn't trick riding for cycling and skateboarding. There is snowboarding at the Winter Olympics so we should definitly have freestyle cycling and skateboarding in Summer Olympics. It looks like Shaun White is trying to get them into the 2016 Olympics so I hope he succeeds. I would love to see that. That will be up there with Beach Volleyball in my must sees.

On another note, school is stating in about 2 weeks. I always get really nervous right before the semesters start. Not really sure why. Guess it's just going to new classes, meeting new, people, and the possibility that I might fail. The semester starts Aug 27th. Before that I have to get my books and everything. Luckily, this time, I got my financial aid in ahead of time so it will be all covered when I get it at the campus store.

Another new thing is that I have gotten back into swaps. So far I've only done some simple ones like email ones and stuff but I have just signed up for a new Hunger Games swap. What it is is that we make chunky pages representing a certain district. The current one is District 10. I missed the first 2 but I'm probably gonna make them anyway either to trade or just for fun. I've already made mine even though the swap has not started yet. I made a video of them which you can see here. They turned out really cool. I practiced my polymer clay making and the charms I made are so neat. I hope whoever gets them will like them. Well that's it for now. TTFN. Ta ta for now.


  1. I watched the Spice Girls performance, since they were my favorite when a was young.

    Break a leg for school, and thank God you got the financial aid before the starting. I know schoolbooks are really expensive over there. That's totally unfair. Here we can use photocopied books during classes, and they are really really cheap. The only thing they care about is that we study. It doesn't matter if the books are new, used or photocopied.

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  2. It's such a good thing you got your financial aid in time. I remember it was so annoying having to fight with my dept for it. I am sure you will do well in school. We only fear the unknown right!? So once you get back into the groove of things you will do swell, I'm sure of it :D